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PostPosted: Mon Jan 02, 2012 3:34 pm 

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I wasn't sure what to do with a variations set, so sorry if this is in the wrong place!

Anyway, awhile back, my brother uncovered this Pro Action Replay code for Donkey Kong Country:


When this code is entered, the instruments for the music in the game become monkey and animal sound affects. What results is one of the funniest codes I've ever seen, and this archive has the results of it. Included here are what I believe is every track in the game with the monkey sound affects:

Rare Logo (two versions)
Title Theme (five versions)
Map Theme (two versions)
Jungle Hijinx
Reptile Rumble
Coral Capers
Winky's Walkway
Mine Cart Carnage (two versions)
Stop and Go Station
Millstone Mayhem (two versions)
Vulture Culture (two versions)
Treetop Village (two versions)
Snow Barrel Blast
Slip Slide Ride
Oil Drum Alley (two versions)
Boss Theme (two versions)
Stage Clear (two versions)
Bonus Stage (two versions)
Bonus Stage Miss (two versions)
Bonus Stage Clear
Player Miss (two versions)
Game Over (two versions)
Cranky's Cabin
Candy's Save Point (two versions)
Funky's Flights (two versions)
Gangplank Galleon
End Credits
~Bonus Track~ - Hot Top Volcano

In addition, there are several alternate versions of these tracks which can be activated in various situations (i.e. resetting the game multiple times, toggling the code on and off). The best of these I think is IntroB, which sounds like a suped-up Gameboy on crack. These tracks are here mostly for a few laughs, so check them out. You may also want to view these in the actual game, which can be especially hilarious during the intro. Please note that there may be other versions of in-game tracks out there as well, depending on game situations. I would suspect dozens more variations are possible through this and other codes and tricks.

A note on the titles: For the most part, I used the song titles from the DKC SPC collection by d_rksh_d_w to stay consistent. d_rksh_d_w named his tracks after the levels they initially appeared in. In some cases I used my own titles as they seemed a bit more descriptive. The 'first' version of the song is the one that I ripped directly from the level instead of the sound test. None (or hardly any) of these tracks are the 'official' names for the songs - these can be found on SoundtrackCentral or any other page that has the track listing to the OSVs. I have included the track listing here for reference along with the corresponding track names that I THINK belong here (I don't have the soundtrack so I don't know).

1. Theme (Rare Logo?)
2. Simian Segue (Title Screen?)
3. DK Island Swing (Map Screen)
4. Cranky's Theme (Cranky's Cabin)
5. Jungle Groove (Jungle Hijinx)
6. Cave Dweller Concert (Reptile Rumble)
7. Bonus Room Blitz (Bonus Game)
8. Aquatic Ambiance (Coral Capers)
9. Candy's Love Song (Candy's Save Point)
10. Bad Boss Boogie (Boss Theme)
11. Mine Cart Madness (Mine Cart Carnage)
12. Life in the Mines (Winky's Walkway)
13. Voices of the Temple (Millstone Mayhem)
14. Forest Frenzy (Vulture Culture)
15. Treetop Rock (Treetop Village)
16. Funky's Fugue (Funky's Flights)
17. Misty Menace (Stop and Go Station)
18. Northern Hemispheres (Snow Barrel Blast)
19. Ice Cave Chant (Slip Slide Ride)
20. Fear Factory (Oil Drum Alley)
21. Gang-Plank Galleon (Gang-Plank Galleon)
22. K-Rool's Cacophony (K-Rool's defeat SFX?)
23. The Credits Concerto (Credits)
24-48. -blank- (most likely SFX)
49. Lose (Player Miss)
50. Win (Level Clear)

Oh, and the 'hidden track' is actually 'Hot Head Bop' (aka 'Hot Top Volcano') from Donkey Kong Country 2. This track is available through the sound test DARBYDAY.

Anyway, hope this clears some things up.

File comment: Donkey Kong Country Monkeys: Variations on the Donkey Kong Country soundtrack.
DKCMonkeys.rar [2 MiB]
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PostPosted: Thu Apr 12, 2012 4:48 pm 

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I'd just to point out that, no offence, but you really have to be stupid to think that the Hidden Track is "Hot Top Volcano", or "Hot Head Bop".

Firstly, it's Life in the Mines... and the fact you claim it's also in the sound test in the game, when using the DARBYDAY code is just ridiculous.

Last time I checked, this was in the sound test:

But THIS was not:

Secondly... "Hot Top Volcano", where did that come from?

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