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 Post subject: Earthbooouuunnnd!
PostPosted: Sun Apr 17, 2011 12:06 pm 

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Okay, so this has been bothering me for a long time :J I say we pool our resources together and see if we can get the tracks properly credited as far as possible.

First of all, the crediting of Akio Ohmori and Ritsuo Kamimura is incorrect. The game credits in Mother are quite confusing, though neither of them worked on music for either Mother 1 or 2. They're credited for music production, whatever that means in practice (probably supervision, or perhaps implementation) but it isn't a composition role. Anyway, the musicians are Keiichi Suzuki, Hirokazu Tanaka, and Hiroshi Kanazu (for one or two songs.)

Here's what I think is known, from the various albums released. Red is Suzuki, Blue is Tanaka, Green is Kanazu, the rest can be assumed to be Tanaka+Suzuki for now/use your intuition. i'm also going to mark all the otherwise uncredited songs covered in the Psi Mixes and other songs from albums where composers can't be separated with orange later. another curious factbite is that Toshiyuki Ueno is credited for "additional music" with Kanazu. does anyone know what his responsibilities were?

my sources (if you know any others please tell me!): ... und_series ... tanaka.php

My general impression is that Suzuki handled many of the major thematic pieces in the game, particularly for towns and cities, while Tanaka was responsible for defining the game's offkilter sound (basically, weird shit.) i expect many of the uncredited tracks can be deciphered with that knowledge. one thing to consider is that suzuki believes he wrote over 100 songs for the game (many that weren't used), so there is probably a lot of his songs here that are not credited, even though i reckon most are tanaka's. there's 198 tracks here total though, so it's feasible.

Here's what I've got. Please help if you can!


The Evil Giygas Attacks! (part 1)
The Evil Giygas Attacks! (part 2)
Title Screen
Opening Credits
Choose a File (arrangement of "Twinkle Elementary School". was also in Game Boy Camera soundtrack that he composed for)
Your Name, Please
Your Name, Please (Noiseless)
Now, Let's Go!
One Fateful Night...
Unidentified Falling Object
Rude Awakening
Alien Invasion 1
Alien Invasion 2
Someone's Knocking at the Door
What an Annoying Knock!
A Good Buddy
Buzz Buzz's Prophecy
Onett Night 1
Onett Night 2
Onett Night 3
Onett Buzz Buzz 1
Onett Buzz Buzz 2
Onett Buzz Buzz 3
Otherworldly Foe
Pokey's House
Pokey's House (Buzz Buzz)
Sunrise & Onett Theme
Onett Theme
What a Great Picture!
Home Sweet Home (an arrangement of Pollyanna, credited to Suzuki. something tells me this arrangement is Tanaka's... but anyway...)
Friendly Neighbors
Buy Somethin' Will Ya! ("Humouresque of little dog"!!!~!~!)
Enjoy Your Stay ("Hotel (Pearl Necklace)")
A Good Night's Rest ("Hotel (Pearl Necklace)")
Bed and Breakfast ("Hotel (Pearl Necklace)")
Hospital ("Hospital Dub (Call the Doctor)" -- this appears in a Psi Mix by Tanaka, but is actually credited to Suzuki on mother 1+2, thus proving the tanaka-did-everything-in-the-psi-mix-songs theory a bit unreliable)
Oncoming Foe
Battle Against a Weak Opponent
Battle Against a Weird Opponent
Battle Against a Mobile Opponent
You Win!
That Was Easy!
You Gained a Level!
Onett's Arcade
Battle Against an Unsettling Opponent
Dangerous Caves
Sanctuary Guardian's Challenge
Oncoming Boss
Sanctuary Guardian
A Bad Dream
You Defeated the Boss!
Welcome to Your Sanctuary (see below)
Your Sanctuary ~ Giant Step (Tanaka did earthbound's eight melodies, via Giygas Strikes Back "Magicant", apparently... also there's an interview with him here where he mentions how he approached the your sanctuary music, so that's pretty much confirmation)
Your Sanctuary ~ Lilliput Steps (")
Your Sanctuary ~ Milky Well etc..
Your Sanctuary ~ Rainy Circle
Your Sanctuary ~ Magnet Hill
Your Sanctuary ~ Pink Cloud
Your Sanctuary ~ Lumine Hall
Your Sanctuary ~ Fire Spring
A Flash of Memory
Boy Meets Girl (should just be "Twoson", lol snesmusic titles.)
Apple Kid's Theme (weird title...)
Ness' Bike ("Bicycle's Theme (Kurukuru Pedal)")
Paula's Theme
Peaceful Rest Valley
Flowing Water
Happy-Happy is Blue
You've Got a New Friend!
Dead-End Chaos Theatre
Runaway Five ~ The Daily Show ("Lucky Nice Blues")
Runaway Five Left the Building!
Runaway Five on the Move!
Threed, Zombie Central (would "Threek" be a better name for this?)
Heartless Hotel (Tanaka did the main hotel music, thus!)
In Winters, There is a Genius
Winters White ("Winter's Theme" on mother 1+2. Giygas Strikes Back ost credits both composers for the song that contains winters+snowman)
Winters Wake Up Call (implied, as Tanaka did the good morning music.)
Tessie Has Been Sighted!
Caverns of Winters
Dr. Andonuts' Lab
The Sky Runner
Going Down!
Rough Landing
Escargo Express at Your Service!
Zombie Paper
Saturn Valley Caverns
Hi Hi Hi (should just be "Saturn Valley"...)
Belch's Factory
Battle Against Belch
You've Come Far, Ness
Threed, Free at Last (should just be "Threed".)
Get on the Bus
Super Dry Dance (should be "Doko Doko Desert".)
The Metropolis of Fourside (should be "Fourside". Kanazu is also credited for this song on mother1+2, but giygas strikes back only credits suzuki. curious!)
Topolla Theatre, Home to the One & Only Venus
Runaway Five's Final Performance
Venus Live!
Save the Miners!
Boris' Cocktail (part of the "Moonside" track on Giygas Strikes Back. Jackie's Café would work, though...)
Moonside Swing (should be "Moonside.")
Bad Morning to You (it's just the facked up version of good morning)
The Monkeys' Maze
Runaway Five to the Rescue!
Summers, Eternal Tourist Trap (should be "Summers".)
In Dalaam, There is a Warrior (discrete credit for this track on keiichi suzuki's music for games album)
The Floating Kingdom of Dalaam
Mu Training
Pink Cloud Shrine
Sailing to Scaraba
The Voyage Continues
Kraken of the Sea
Morning in the Desert
The Unforgiving Desert
Inside the Dungeon ("Dungeon Man". I would keep this name.)
Megaton Walk ("Dungeon Man", which I think would be a more appropriate title.)
The Submarine
The Deep Darkness ("Cursed Jungles".)
The Tendas' Cave ("Gumi Village".)
Battle Against a Machine
Stonehenge Base Shuts Down
Falling Underground!
The Lost Underworld
Lava Springs
Sound Stone ~ Giant Step (eight melodies again)
Sound Stone ~ Lilliput Steps
Sound Stone ~ Milky Well
Sound Stone ~ Rainy Circle
Sound Stone ~ Magnet Hill
Sound Stone ~ Pink Cloud
Sound Stone ~ Lumine Hall
Sound Stone ~ Fire Spring
Sound Stone ~ No Sounds
Eight Melodies
The Nightmare Begins...
Welcome Home
The Jolly Flying Man (this appeared on the first MOTHER arrange album andt I THINK wasn't in the original actual Mother game. but was subsequently used for earthbound. i'm not so familiar with the original mother, though.)
Deeper into Ness' Subconscious
Sea of Eden
The Power
Ness Awakens from the Nightmare
Phase Distorter Failed
Phase Distorter Success
The Cliff That Time Forgot
The Place
Giygas' Lair
Giygas' Intro
Pokey Means Business!
Giygas Stirs
Giygas' Intimidation
Prayer for Safety
Giygas is Wounded!
Giygas is Fatally Wounded!
Giygas Disintegrates
Giygas' Static
The Heroes Return (part 1) ("Light of Life" from mother 1+2)
The Heroes Return (part 2) ("Light of Life" from mother 1+2)
Because I Love You
Good Friends, Bad Friends
Smiles and Tears
Hidden Track
Unused Pokey Jingle
Unknown Jingle 1
Unknown Jingle 2
Mysterious Crash
Onett's Trumpet Player
Key Item Fanfare
Spell Learned
Secret Passage
Evil Mani Mani Statue
Magic Butterfly
Master of the Stars
The Sphinx's Puzzle 1
The Sphinx's Puzzle 2
The Sphinx's Puzzle 3
The Sphinx's Puzzle 4
The Sphinx's Puzzle 5
The Sphinx's Puzzle Solved!
Teleportation End
Buzz Buzz's Demise
Mechanical Tinkering
Ominous Rumbling
OK 'Ssuka?


a few songs that are multicredited on the Giygas Strikes Back album:

Keiichi Suzuki & Hirokazu Tanaka - [Mother 2: Giygas Strikes Back #05] Winters
contains a couple of songs. i explained earlier
Keiichi Suzuki & Hirokazu Tanaka - [Mother 2: Giygas Strikes Back #10] Ramma
contains three songs. suzuki is credited for two of them (via his own "game music" album, and "ramma" via mother 1+2) which leaves "mu" as being tanaka's.
Keiichi Suzuki, Hirokazu Tanaka & Hiroshi Kanazu - [Mother 2: Giygas Strikes Back #12] Scarabi
contains three songs, the city music "bazaar", the desert music "the unforgiving desert", and the music inside the "pyramid". probably one composer did each.... tanaka's is blatantly the pyramid, bazaar is yet another "city" so is probably suzuki/kanazu... but yeah, nothing solid to substantiate these, so i have to leave them blank :(
Keiichi Suzuki & Hirokazu Tanaka - [Mother 2: Giygas Strikes Back #15] Gumi Village
actually only contains one song unless you count the ending. maybe that's what Tanaka was credited for with suzuki doing the main song, but I wouldn't like to say with authority.)
Keiichi Suzuki & Hirokazu Tanaka - [Mother 2: Giygas Strikes Back #21] Ending (Smiles & Tears)
two songs. seems pretty obvious that "good friends, bad friends" is suzuki's and "smiles and tears" (eight melodies) is tanaka's.

there's also the Psi Mixes containing a bunch of the other uncredited weird songs (mainly.) all three mixes are credited to tanaka, presumably for arrangement but probably for composition too, except i noticed at least one composition of suzuki's in there ("hospital".) probably is dangerous territory to credit either composer with any of these songs, although like i've mentioned, the vast majority of songs that tanaka is credited for are pretty kooky.

anyway, please look it over, see if you notice anything unusual :D i'll amend it as more information becomes available.

EDIT: i'll leave this for a while, and if no-one has any further suggestions, i'll retag the set and submit it.


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 Post subject: Re: Earthbooouuunnnd!
PostPosted: Sat Oct 20, 2012 2:19 pm 

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Apologies for reviving an old post, but I would like to address a few issues too.

I happen to be one of the contributors of this vast soundtrack and some of the tracks I added are named Onett Night and Onett Buzz Buzz. Those tracks and their names are actually straight from the Zophar set, and I do believe that they need to be renamed and rearranged on the track list. The tracks labeled Alien Invasion may also not be in correct order.

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 Post subject: Re: Earthbooouuunnnd!
PostPosted: Sun Aug 14, 2016 9:56 am 

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I am really curious about a composer breakdown for this game. Considering all the years that have gone by, has there been more progress made? Has anybody tried to ask the composers themselves? This is a fun soundtrack so I could try myself to guess a few things.

I am currently finishing up on a huge project I've been working on with Falcom credits as Spirit_Chaser on VGMdb. An immense amount of composition credits have been found for games we never thought we'd have credits for. Practically all of Naoki Kaneda's composition have been identified.

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