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PostPosted: Mon Aug 27, 2018 6:05 pm 

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I took a look at this cartridge and extracted the entire soundtrack (none of it appears to be used: only the SFX is used)... only to realize what I was listening to once I extracted the entire thing. The majority of BS-X's tracks (from ... rofile=set ) are here: only two were missing (one of them being the town theme).

To see for yourself...

NUS Cassette Checker
Music/SFX Modifier
Music/SFX ID ~ 7E0062xx
Music/SFX switch ~ 8087EBxx
Set 8087EBxx to 40 for music, or 41 for SFX.
The range for the music is 01, 03, 05, 07, 0C-10, 12, 19-1A. 02 is a duplicate of 01. 04 is a duplicate of 03. 06, 16-18 are duplicates of 05. 08-0B are duplicates of 07. 1B-20 are duplicates of 1A.

Just consider me your friendly SPC dumper. Also a bit of a perfectionist (though not too literally)... I make sure my dumps are at the first note. I might even hack away the SFX if needed.

Want a music modifier for a particular SNES game? All you need to do is ask via PM (or you can check out the Music Modifiers topic and post there) and I'll be on the job. ^_^

SPC Set Progress Log

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 27, 2018 4:04 pm 
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Very nice! I feel like there should be a thread that covers music found in other videogames for various different consoles whether it be the original development team or a different one and even reverse-engineered songs and sound drivers. I'm not talking about public domain variations of songs, just songs that have been lifted directly from one game and transplanted into another.

I can't think of many off because they're notes somewhere but there are a few for the Game Boy. I'm not makig the thread now because I don't have a ready list available to provide examples yet, but if someone else wants to feel free because I'm only just throwing the idea around.

Contact me/chat: #cornerpocket. I do not dump SPCs (since 2014) anymore but I do occasional GBS rips, etc. Twitter: patreon:, Youtube:

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