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PostPosted: Thu Mar 06, 2014 7:04 pm 
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File comment: Jimmy Houston's Bass Tournament U.S.A.
Dumped by: Locke_gb7
Tagged by: Locke_gb7 (partial titles), YK (timers)

jhbt.rar [88.89 KiB]
Downloaded 860 times

So. Jimmy Houston's Bass Tournament U.S.A. Submitted via e-mail by Locke_gb7. It seems to be incomplete, as there are a few unidentified songs, as well as possibly a few jingles missing... well, I'll let him explain:

Hi there, I was working on a missing set, but I ran into all kinds of trouble. Here are teh SPC I have so far, but I am missing at least one track where you catch a small fish, and maybe a couple other tracks that are small. Also, I cannot get the ID666 Tag Editor to work anymore on my machine. I was wondering if someone could help out with this set. Thanks

PS: Forgot, there are many tracks I just can't find where they play in the game. Shame really... Bit of a miss in my part there.

He submitted the missing jingle he spoke of shortly afterwards, but the set remains incomplete. KFF, this seems like something you could work your magic with. Give it a look when you've got some time, thanks.

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 07, 2014 11:03 am 

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You're right! There are more tracks. I used the Japanese version as my reference, though, when inventing the music modifier.

Jissen Bass Fishing Hisshouhou in USA
Sammy Logo Music Modifier
The bank modifier requires safe-cracking. Here are the valid bank values and their ranges...
Bank DB A4 ~ 03-0D
Bank FD A4 ~ 02-0F
Bank 1F A5 ~ 02-03

The result is 12 new tracks (two if you only count the actual music that I captured, as the rest of them were ambience for the most part) and two redumps on my end. One of the redumps gave me technical difficulties (the first few notes were having trigger problems), resulting in me having to invent a music modifier in a different section to perfect the dump.

I have not done any identification with all but one of the new tracks (the only one I did identify was only because of what I heard... I didn't actually play the game).

File comment: 12 new tracks (ten of them ambience) and two redumps.
jimmyhoustonbasstournamentusaupdate.rar [89.46 KiB]
Downloaded 789 times

Just consider me your friendly SPC dumper. Also a bit of a perfectionist (though not too literally)... I make sure my dumps are at the first note. I might even hack away the SFX if needed.

Want a music modifier for a particular SNES game? All you need to do is ask via PM (or you can check out the Music Modifiers topic and post there) and I'll be on the job. ^_^

SPC Set Progress Log
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