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 Post subject: Eien no Filena
PostPosted: Thu Aug 25, 2011 3:36 pm 

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If you've heard of Takeshi Shudo, you've probably heard of Pokemon. Well... you're too late in the SNES era to be looking for Pokemon. Instead, you get Eien no Filena, a video game from Takeshi Shudo's work, Eien no Filena.

Sound-wise, I dumped this before SNES9X 1.53. Thus, I had glitches in the SPC file. So I hacked the DSP values and cleared some data (none of it SPC-file crashing) to remove the glitch.

The music modifier turned out to be a bad, bad apple. ugetab had technical difficulties, and I ended up right at the sound test, and actually had to use the sound test array itself to invent the music modifier (AKA... not much of a point, eh?). All of the values were already there except for a few pieces of SFX in between.

There are four unidentified tracks, and sometimes even I miss some track identifications, so if you want to put in your two cents on the identification, go right ahead.

Out of the remaining six SPC sets, Koushien 3 and Fun 'n Games are the only ones that I could get going on right away and tag.
Fireteam Rogue is in the dumping and comparison stages on the earlier alpha's side, and it is going to be the biggest SPC set I have ever done, with at least 100 tracks! I have personally identified 23 seperate tunes for the SPC set, but since it's segmented, it's all chopped up. Not as bad as California Games II, which is the only undumpable SPC set that isn't first-note sticking (but if I were to do that, it would be lots and lots of chopping).
Genjuu Ryodan, Kishin Douji Zenki Tenchi Meidou, and Super Mahjong Taikai are all in the translation stages. I'm working on stage theme translation for Kishin Douji Zenki Tenchi Meidou (based off of VS. mode, which allows me to do this), character name translation on Super Mahjong Taikai, and sound test trackname translation on Genjuu Ryodan.

I have no idea if Hideaki Kumagai is involved in any other music... no idea at all.

File comment: The complete Eien no Filena SPC set, dumped and tagged by KungFuFurby.
enf.rsn [202.11 KiB]
Downloaded 339 times

Just consider me your friendly SPC dumper. Also a bit of a perfectionist (though not too literally)... I make sure my dumps are at the first note. I might even hack away the SFX if needed.

Want a music modifier for a particular SNES game? All you need to do is ask via PM (or you can check out the Music Modifiers topic and post there) and I'll be on the job. ^_^

SPC Set Progress Log
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