No ending SNES games
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Author:  KungFuFurby [ Sat Mar 05, 2011 9:27 am ]
Post subject:  No ending SNES games

I've got a small list of SNES/SFC games that do not have an ending, mostly American/European SNES games. There are more that I've heard from the Japanese web sites that seem to indicate that these don't have an ending.

ACME Animation Factory: There is exactly one game on there... a simple matching game. All you need to do is match seven pairs within the time limit (and without finding the broken crates: find three of those and you lose). Once that is done, you are sent to the next level... which is really a random selection of one of four designs. The game loops forever with no visible or invisible level counter to be found.
AIII S.V. - A Ressha de Ikou 3 Super Version: This game is probably one of those endlessly looping management games, though there is one thing that's fatal about this game: get too much money and you overflow a money variable, resulting in Game Over.
Astrohawk May 2003 Edition: Clear all of the levels and you are stuck on the map screen. Boo.
Bio Worm: Clearing a stage only repeats the same layout again and again with more enemies to start with. This maxes out at round 25.
Blazeon: Loops back to the first level after five stages. A stage modifier that I invented goes up to 09 (though with glitchy results, as the game crashes instead of ending the stage), then glitches out at 0A, and finally crashes at 0B. I have determined that the ending was most likely never programmed or completely taken out, as I couldn't find a hit for tune ID 04 in there.
BreakThru!: There are 24 levels, 4 for each scene (thus there are six scenes total). Then it loops and the counter on the left goes up by one. The left counter loops after 240 levels. 7E1257xx (and 7E1258xx, since this is a 16-bit digit) is the master level counter, and it is the only one still going up... The game malfunctions musically and with the level counters after 32,768 levels.
Fun 'n Games: Both games end with a Game Over... Mouse Maze ends after 25 levels (it has no ending music, but it does have music when you lose all your lives. Oh, and P.S.: The manual lied! The manual says it had 99 levels.), and Space Lazer ends after 5 levels.
Harapeko Bakka/Hungry Dinosaurs: You get a Game Over after 50 stages. Boo.
Hong Kong 97: This is an interesting case... I looked up the spawning script to define a loop point, as it is not randomly generated. The boss spawns after 30 enemies are killed, but when defeated, the normal enemy pattern starts back up where it left off. The normal enemy pattern has a spawn timer, an object ID and an X-coordinate to spawn at. The spawn pattern/ID list loops after 30 enemies, and the X-coordinates loop after 18 enemies. One special object ID, for every 14th and 30th enemy spawned, is a car, and it has its own Y coordinates to spawn at in lieu of an X coordinate, but it loops after three cars are spawned. All in all, not counting the boss (although it regularly occurs after 30 enemies are killed), the game is guaranteed to loop after 90 enemies are spawned. On a secondary note, the item drop list is also fixed, and loops after 40 kills.
Mahjong Club: This game has nothing but a single-game mode and some other mode I'm not so sure about (player statistics setup?)... the single-game mode gives you the final statistics and a question, presumably to play again. Nothing else.
Mega Man's Soccer: All of the known modes go back to the Title Screen. I have found the ending, but I had to hack it. The ending has no staff roll, which means the staff roll is even more well hidden than you would expect (thanks to JLukas, the method has been found, but it still requires hacking because you must be able to play as the Dr. Wily team, and the ending fails to take you back to the title screen). Capcom Championship and Tournament Mode have endings, but League Mode does not have an ending.
Pro Quarterback: One of the most bare-bones football games I have ever seen. This one only has a one-game mode, bad framerate, and once you get the final score, you get absolutely nothing else. At least Emmit Smith Football had credits... and a edit play function.
Rockfall: Loops back to level one after level six. The proof... 7E003Axx is the map ID, multiplied by 02. It wraps to zero. The level counter is 7E0065xx, and it is directly linked to 7E003Axx, being divided by two.
S.O.S: Batisuka-fu!: Those four geyser-like things erupt faster and faster as you clear rounds. They max out at round 23.
Spectre: Loops back to level 31 after level 40. The level counter keeps going up, and eventually wraps to zero after level 99. How did I find out where it wraps? 7E04CExx is the map ID, and 7E0776xx is the level counter.
Super High Impact: The only thing you can do here is play a single game on three difficulty modes. All three go back to the title screen with no staff roll. Thanks to JLukas, the staff roll is accessible, but requires a PAR or Game Genie code to do so.
Super Off Road: Loops back to level 1 after level 64. My proof? See 7E001Cxx. That's your stage counter. The races stop getting unique after 33 races (54 if you count reversed tracks).
Super Scope 6: A partial case. Two of them (one of them confirmed) are no ending cases, with my analysis as following:
- All of the LazerBlaster modes have an ending after level 30.
- Blastris A has an ending... or more of a "GAME CLEAR" ending, after level 99.
- Blastris B Type A also has a Game Clear after level 99.
- Blastris B Type B has not been checked... but I think the counter goes up endlessly (and may wrap around as well from a two-digit standpoint). 7E00EBxx is the level counter, and it goes up at fixed intervals.
- Mole Patrol Stage Mode has no ending. It has 20 stages that gradually increases the moles to shoot, then gradually decreases the timer by 10 ticks starting at 200. If you somehow get the timer all the way to zero by beating level 39 (assuming you shoot 16 blue moles in 10 ticks... and we're talking about fast ticks, not just seconds), there is one more for level 40 (and you get 256 ticks on the timer), then the flag blanks out (and the mole glitches out as well) beyond this point, with the timer wrapping around. Therefore, level 39 is the normal last level because it's supposed to be essentially impossible and result in a Game Over. If you get to level 40... prepare for glitches in the level counter beyond that point.
- Mole Patrol Score Mode... is a simple one-level case.
Timon & Pumbaa's Jungle Games: Burper and Sling Shooter go to level 0 after Level 99, and even the difficulty resets. 7E00EExx, the stage ID, also wraps around in this fashion. Not counting that, the difficulty in Sling Shooter and Burper stop increasing after level 24. Hippo Hop loops after Level 10 with the level counter going up. I have yet to confirm Jungle Pinball, though I'm sure like almost all other pinball games, this has no ending. There is a staff roll hidden in the game, and thanks to JLukas, I am able to access it from the Title Screen.
VS. Collection: All four of the game modes have no ending other than the results screen after each round for all but Tamago Bakkun. Tamago Bakkun doesn't have anything no matter how many times you win. Yukidama Poi Poi has 5 stages, though you can select which one. Doki Doki Race also has 5 stages, and you select which one. Toria Taaku loops after 32 rounds. Basically, you can play these four modes forever if you wanted to.
Zoop: This game keeps going and going. Background is no longer unique after level 10, and once you reach level 99, you stay on level 99.

Author:  cantthinkofone [ Tue Mar 15, 2011 4:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: No ending SNES games

I never knew about Blazeon, I would consider Mega Man's Soccer to be the most well known for not having an ending sequence.

Author:  KungFuFurby [ Mon Aug 08, 2011 4:50 am ]
Post subject:  Re: No ending SNES games

Found the ending sequence for Mega Man's Soccer against all odds. Had to hack it.

Blazeon has no known ending sequence. Tune ID 04 has no use in the game, as an attempt by me to search it through 8D 3C 0E turned up nothing. There are two arrays, neither of them containing said tune ID, as well as direct hits on some of the musical variables.

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