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Author:  YK [ Fri Nov 15, 2013 2:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Nintendo 64 Soundtracks

Knurek wrote:
It's possible that the DSF rip is bad, it's rather easy to miss one of the sound banks while ripping. OTOH it was ripped by Kingshriek, and he doesn't make mistakes like that... Can you give specific examples of what is wrong with it?

Well... I'm terrible at actually explaining music, as I don't know all the correct terminology, so I'll just upload a converted song from the DSF set, as well as an MP3 from the OST for comparison. The difference is pretty notable, and having played the game, I know the DSF version does not sound like that in-game.

SoA-MilitaryFacilDungeon-DSF.mp3 [2.73 MiB]
Downloaded 923 times

SoA-MilitaryFacilDungeon-OST.mp3 [1.42 MiB]
Downloaded 825 times

Knurek wrote:
Uh-oh, ATRAC3...
Simplest solution would be to download the Atelier Ayesha set, which has music from all previous Gust games in PS2 ADPCM format supported just fine by VGMStream.

Almost 8 gigs? Now there's an "overnight download" if ever I saw one. :P

Knurek wrote:
Neither of these is an easy rip. Corlett tried doing Suikoden 3 way back in the aughts, said the game was coded by insane people. S4 seems to use the same setup, we've been able to do both S5 and Rhapsodia though, FWIW.
Shadow Hearts 2 and 3 both use newer version of Procyon Studio music driver, which sadly doesn't work with zoopd's patches for SH1. Don't expect to see those two ripped as well. :(
I wish someone would tackle Procyon Studio driver for NDS, loads of games with great music use it. :\

Well, damn. At least I have the OSTs, but... well, hopefully someone will crack these games eventually. There's one particularly good Shadow Hearts 3 track that isn't on the OST, too.
I did see the Suikoden 5 and Tactics rips, though, which is nice. I'm working on identifying the Suikoden 5 tracks based on the OST, but I've gone about as far as I can there. At least 20 songs aren't on the OST, and of them, I only recognize a few from playing the game.

As for that Procyon driver... I'm guessing Black Sigil and Sands of Destruction use that, since I haven't seen 2SF rips of those two games, disappointingly. I found gamerips at least, though, so that's nice. Also, one of these days, I may take on the challenge of tagging some 2SF sets. So woot.

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