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PostPosted: Sat Sep 10, 2011 2:21 pm 
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Since I like SID music so much, and since a bunch of them were untitled/mistitled/miscredited, here are as many of the originals as I could find.

Ace II by Rob Hubbard
Ala Gal by Charles Deenen
Amyloid by Marcel Donné
Another Day in Paradise by Link
Apoxoly by Markus Schneider
Armalyte by Martin Walker
Athena by Martin Galway
Auf Wiedersehen Monty by Rob Hubbard
Baby Jack by Michael Hendriks
Bantam by Jeroen Tel
Batman by Jens-Christian Huus
Battle Valley by Jeroen Tel
B-Bobs by Thomas Detert
Big Funk by Tomas Danko
Bond Theme by Tomas Danko
Bulldog by Ben Daglish
The Chambers of Shaolin by Holger Knipping and Michael Hendriks
Chimera by Rob Hubbard
Church by DRAX
Classix by The Dungeon Master
Cobra by Ben Daglish
Combat Crazy by Jeroen Tel
Combat Zone by Carsten Berggreen
Comic Bakery by Martin Galway
Commando by Rob Hubbard
Crazy Comets by Rob Hubbard
Crystal Fever by Markus Schneider
Cybernoid by Jeroen Tel
Cyrus by Thomas Detert
Darkman by Jonathan Dunn
DeathScape by Ben Daglish
Delta by Rob Hubbard
Double Sphere by Stefan Hartwig
Dragons Lair Part II by Rob Hubbard
Disco Zax by DRAX
Duchesse by Jens-Christian Huus
Eliminator by Jeroen Tel
F14 Tomcat by Jeroen Tel
Firelord by Ben Daglish
Flash Gordon by Rob Hubbard
Flimbo's Quest by Reyn Ouwehand and Johannes Bjerregaard
Future Knight by Ben Daglish
Gaplus by Jeroen Tel
Gauntlet by Ben Daglish
Glider Pilot by Jens-Christian Huus
Gordian Tomb by Thomas Detert (fun fact: tune #2 is 32 minutes long!)
Green Beret by Martin Galway
Gurli Kaj by DRAX
Hardcastle by Neil Baldwin (miscredited to Jeroen Tel)
Hawkeye by Jeroen Tel
Hemsk by The Dungeon Master
Harvey Smith Show Jumper (aka "Mozart") by Rob Hubbard
Hollywood Poker Pro by Chris Hülsbeck
Hyper Aggressive by Thomas Detert
Horizon Copyparty by Jens-Christian Huus
I-Ball by Rob Hubbard
Ice Age by Jeroen Tel
Infinity by Trond Lindanger (I think - there are a few other versions)
Inspector Gadget by Jason Brooke
International Karate by Rob Hubbard
Jack the Nipper by Ben Daglish
Jack the Nipper II by Ben Daglish et al.
Jazz Max by Link
Gerry the Germ by Rob Hubbard
Jyde Funk by DRAX
Airwolf by Charles Deenen (miscredited to Jeroen Tel)
Kettle by Ben Daglish
Killerbee by Jens-Christian Huus
Kinetix by Jeroen Tel
Knucklebusters by Rob Hubbard
Krakout by Ben Daglish
Lame and Bad A? (aka Lambada) by Ronny Pasch
The Last Ninja by Ben Daglish and Anthony Lees
Last Ninja 3 by Reyn Ouwehand
The Last V8 by Rob Hubbard
Lightforce by Rob Hubbard
Louisiana by Jens-Christian Huus
MacGyver Title by Jeroen Soede
M.A.C.C. by Jeroen Tel
Master of Magic by Rob Hubbard
Masters of the Universe by Ben Daglish
Megamix by Ole-Marius Pettersen
Megamix II by Edwin van Santen
Mega Starforce by Thomas Detert
Monty on the Run by Rob Hubbard
Myth by Jeroen Tel
Narrow+ by Jens-Christian Huus
Nemesis the Warlock by Rob Hubbard
Neverending Story by Martin Galway
Nineteen by Rob Hubbard
Ocean Loader 2 by Martin Galway
Ocean Loader 5 by Jonathan Dunn
One Man and His Droid by Rob Hubbard
Operation Thunderbolt by Matthew Cannon (miscredited to Jonathan Dunn)
Phalanx by Edwin van Santen
Phantoms of the Asteroid by Rob Hubbard
Noisy Pillars (tune 2) by Jeroen Tel
Noisy Pillars (tune 1) by Jeroen Tel
Platoon by Jonathan Dunn
Poseidon: Planet Eleven by Jeroen Tel
Rambo: First Blood Part II by Martin Galway
Raped by The Dungeon Master
Rasputin by Rob Hubbard
Rastan by Martin Galway
Red Heat by Jonathan Dunn
Revenge of Doh by Jonathan Dunn
Robocop 2 by Jonathan Dunn
Rosanna by Johannes Bjerregaard
Russian by Tomas Danko
R-Type by Chris Hülsbeck and Ramiro Vaca
S-Express by Jeroen Tel
Saboteur II by Rob Hubbard
Sagostunden by The Dungeon Master
Sample by Jeroen Tel
Sanxion by Rob Hubbard
Scorpion by Marcel Donné
Scout by Jeroen Tel
Shadow Warriors by Matt Furniss
Shockway Rider by Rob Hubbard
Sigma Seven by Rob Hubbard
SkateRock by Ben Daglish
Grand Monster Slam by Chris Hülsbeck
Smooth Criminal by Charles Deenen
Smooth Criminal Magazine by Tomas Danko
Snickers by DRAX
JT in Space by Jeroen Tel
Starball by Jeroen Tel
Starforce by Thomas Detert
Star Paws by Rob Hubbard
Target Renegade by Gary Biasillo
Termianal by Jens-Christian Huus and Morten Kristensen
Terminator 2 by Jonathan Dunn
The Vikings by Ben Daglish
Thing on a Spring by Rob Hubbard
Thing Bounces Back by Ben Daglish
Thundercats by Rob Hubbard
Total Recall by Jonathan Dunn
Transworld by Markus Schneider
Trap by Ben Daglish
Turrican by Ramiro Vaca, Chris Hülsbeck, and Stefan Hartwig
W.A.R. by Rob Hubbard
Warhawk by Rob Hubbard
Warriors by DRAX
Wizard Warz by Ben Daglish
X-Out by Michael Hendriks
Yie Ar Kung Fu by Martin Galway
Zoids by Rob Hubbard
Zoolook by Rob Hubbard

Most of the unnamed demo tunes:
01: Boneless by DRAX
02: 3rd Stone from the Sun (part 1) by Groms
03: Eldorado (part 3) by Mixer
04: Robocop 3 by Jeroen Tel
05: Pice of Mind by Jesper Olsen
06: Think Twice I by Bart Meeuwissen
07: Ninjackie by Jens-Christian Huus
08: Boisterous by Ole-Marius Pettersen
09: (title unknown) by Deek
10: (title unknown) by Rock
11: Tune 7 by Zardax
12: Contest Demo (part 2) by Rock
13: FIG Again by Rock, FCS, and JBB
14: Faraway by Rock
15: To TMC by Laxity (miscredited to JCH)
16: Draxitin by DRAX
17: Poison by DRAX
18: same as 01
19: American by Link
20: Spijkerhoek by Edwin van Santen
21: Jingle by Zardax
22: Eldorado (part 4) by Zardax
23: The Alibi by Laxity
24: Ikari Tune by Laxity
25: Squamp by Laxity
26: Audio Art by Reyn Ouwehand
27: Old Level 2 by Link
28: Crosswords by Laxity

Some stuff from other ROMs that use different SIDs with the same player (with silly GoodSNES ROM names):
AYT BBS Intro: Slow Motion by Flotsam
AYT Demo: Contest Demo (part 1) by Rock
Censor - Follow The Leader: Strike Force Remix by Swallow
Censor - Wireframe Intro: Herning '93 by Blues Muz
Respect - Scrolling Trainer Template: Strike Force Introtune by Markus Schneider

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 25, 2013 5:07 pm 
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Updated to add the few missing demo tunes (2, 3, 5, 8, 16, 17). Enjoy, I guess.

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 20, 2017 9:32 am 

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That's awesome. I love SID music. Thanks for making an effort and sharing this Revenant.

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