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PostPosted: Mon Jan 02, 2012 3:24 pm 

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I would like to report some errors in the Super Metroid SPC rip. I was listening to the SPCs for Super Metroid and comparing them with other recordings and the official soundtrack and noticed there were some errors present. It looks like these errors have been in the SPC set for awhile, as they are in a much older set I have as well as the current one. I was just as surprised as you might be to learn this, but sadly, it's true. Here's the problems:

Space Pirates Appear - Missing first note. There are actually four notes, followed by the rest of the track. The current rip only has three.

VS Ridley - Has SFX (part of an explosion) in the intro.

Escape - Has SFX (text input) in the intro. Note I have a REALLY old SPC rip that includes a couple typing SFX at the beginning of the Theme of Super Metroid, but that's no longer in the latest version, so it should be possible to remove.

Norfair - Missing first few notes or is a variation. I'm not sure where this version was recorded, but I did a line-in rip about 8 years ago after loading a save point, and the intro is definitely different. It also has a slightly different intro. I can upload the file if needed.

Mysterious Statue Chamber and Water have been mislabeled. The track labeled "Water" is the "Mysterious Statue Chamber" (i.e. Gold Statue Room). The track currently labeled "Mysterious Statue Chamber" is "Chozo Statue Awakens" (well ok, no official name for it, but I've seen this one used elsewhere).

In addition, there is one variation missing: the hall outside the Golden Statue Chamber is a variation of the Continue theme with pulsing machine ambiance. I figure this should be in there, too, considering the SPC set also contains a rip of the activated Wrecked Ship theme and Crateria raining.

It's possible I missed some errors, but then again, I was pretty thorough... Anyway, it would be great if someone could fix these...

Note Maridia ~ Rocky Underground Water Area does not have any errors, even though the intro sounds weird. That's how it actually sounds in-game!

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 02, 2012 11:00 pm 
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Would you mind uploading this Norfair variation?

Contact me/chat: #cornerpocket. I do not dump SPCs (since 2014) anymore but I do occasional GBS rips, etc. Twitter: patreon:, Youtube:

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