Missing track in BICEOFK (bbs.rsn)
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Author:  Super Will! [ Sun Jun 28, 2015 5:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Missing track in BICEOFK (bbs.rsn)

Hi, there. I am Super Will, and I am new to the site.

Anyway, so I know SonicPanda ripped the music for BICEOTFK ( ... lected=477) including all of the voice clips before every stage.
However, I've recently noticed that there's one song missing. So, you know how there are two versions of the "sliding down" theme in the RSN file, called "Dry Clean Only" (World 1) and "Wet Peeve" (World 4)? Well, there's actually a THIRD version of the song. This version of the song plays in World 3. In one of the levels, near a series of slopes with boulders, is a slope that goes down into a small cave underground. Going onto the slope results in the exact same result as the waterslides in the game, with another version of the sliding down theme with western instruments.
SonicPanda, could you please add this track to the RSN file? The reason why it's not there is probably because it's easy to overlook. And could you please give it a clever name, just like the other songs? Thank you. ;)

Also, the first note of "Whitewater Winnings" is missing. Could you please fix that as well?

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