Ripping sound effects
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Author:  RowanDDR [ Mon May 26, 2014 12:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Ripping sound effects

Some SNES games have really nice sound effects for menus (Puyo Puyo, Perfect Eleven) in my opinion. I tried ripping samples using both SNESSOR and BRRRIP but couldn't find the effect in either case. :( I guess the method is not full proof? Or perhaps the sample(s) are using some hardware effects (echo etc) when the SNES plays them, and they don't sound the same ripped.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

Author:  KungFuFurby [ Tue May 27, 2014 5:17 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Ripping sound effects

In the cases you state, there's a good chance you're only getting the actual samples that make up the sound effects...

The actual .spc files would give you the sound effects, although you would have to do some channel muting to get them. I have never attempted to rip sound effects for Konami or Compile games (some of the Compile games require a patch because it uses the SNES as a timer rather than the SPC700's internal timers... it can be recreated in the .spc file, though, as long as the note data is not streamed from the SNES to the SPC700.).

Here are some others that I will note...

The Rare games require the music to play before any sound effects can play. Well, it just so happens that the Home Run and Grand Slam songs were under the SFX category... and worse, those two were real hard to get because it took multiple values to get a complete copy of them. I got very lucky with Ken Griffey Jr.'s Winning Run because I found a designated silent value that wouldn't crash the game. Other games won't be so lucky, and require the music to play first.

Any game that uses a Bitmasters sound driver (SLICK Audio is the most likely one you'll find, and the ROM text usually gives this away) will have the music mixed in with the sound effects when music modifiers are invented. However, I have not yet achieved fully loading some of the sound effects because they may come in the form of extra samples, which appear to be added on whenever needed. The Lion King is the most peculiar because it swaps samples in real time as the song is playing, and those samples are actually important to the song, so I had to overwrite sound effect samples just to dump the music.

Author:  blitzlunar [ Wed May 28, 2014 2:46 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Ripping sound effects

The short answer is that in-game SFX are usually not just samples, but samples + sequence/playback data. Plus yeah, they are often using SPC700 DSP as well.

If it was me, I would play a game in Zsnes while muting sound channels, meanwhile keeping Audacity or Goldwave or something recording the wave mix in the background. That is unless dumping them to SPCs is important to you ~ that may be more tricky. Depends entirely what you're aiming to do with them.

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