Merge BS-X and BS SatesupuDX4 SPC sets
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Author:  LuigiBlood [ Thu Oct 24, 2013 10:10 am ]
Post subject:  Merge BS-X and BS SatesupuDX4 SPC sets

So I knew about this for a while, talked to nenson but due to the lack of time I want to talk about it here:

Those sets has to be merged together: ... lected=333 ... cted=20119

I found out that BS SatesupuDX4 is actually using music from the BS-X itself, it's just another sound bank.
About naming them... Well what I pretty much see is that they're sample songs for extended content like BS SatesupuDX, or even the Last Day content. I guess we could name them Sample Song 1, 2, 3...
I also ask for renaming some titles as I think they're more fitting:
  • Naming Screen to Home (as it really is about)
  • Town to Town 1
  • Overworld to Town 2 (It's played 1 of 20 times at the Town itself)
  • Soundlink Schedule to... I guess Shop / Schedule

The Unknown Song is part of the other sound bank used on BS SatesupuDX and I also never heard those jingles in the BS-X set.
Anyway, I can provide where to edit in the BS-X ROM to get those songs. I just need to check again.
But it would be better to merge the sets together as they're both from the same ROM.

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