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PostPosted: Thu Oct 04, 2012 1:38 am 

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Anyone interested in doing some of these? Most games are supported by a musicdump tool, but a few using different driver than stock SNK one are not.

Of 9 games released in 1998, here are the games without any reliable way to dump music:

Baseball Stars, Master of Shougi, Melon-chan's Growth Diary, Pocket Tennis, Puzzle Tsunagete Pon

Here are my findings so far, might be of help to someone:

Main CPU copies the sound driver to Z80 RAM once on boot, then after a song gets changed ingame it goes as follows:

with watchpoints defined as:

Main CPU: wpset 7000,1000,w
Sound CPU: wpset 8000,1,w

0x00 gets written to ngp_z80_comm_w

Main CPU copies the sequence data to Z80 RAM at offset driver_size (0xAB5 or 0x9F5 seem to be the two most popular versions). Not sure what determines which sequence to choose

A value gets written to ngp_z80_comm_w - not the song select, since in some games it's always 0xFC. It can be different value depending on song/game, maybe that works as a bank select command?

New song starts playing, no new hits on those watchpoints until song/SFX change.
Playing SFX doesn't require 0x00 command, just the last value written to ngp_z80_comm_w (different for each SFX).

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