Renset skips all RSN files
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Author:  xdcc [ Thu Jan 22, 2015 1:39 am ]
Post subject:  Renset skips all RSN files

Love the fact that we have a complete set of SNES spc files, but the cryptic nature of figuring out what to listen to was frustrating.

Can I ask first why there isn't just an alternative torrent provided with full names? It's only a 158 meg file, right?

Anyways, so I followed the instructions of the SPC Players page.

  • Downloaded the latest torrent, which resulted in an spcsets directory in my torrent download directory with all the RSN files.
  • Downloaded the renset linked to on that page and extracted it into that directory.
  • Downloaded the rsnsets.dat file also linked to on that page and extracted it into that directory.
  • Ran renset, which resulted in it saying that it missed all the matches. I know the file names match, so is it a CRC thing?

Just want to be able to easily listen to SNES music :/


Author:  xdcc [ Thu Feb 26, 2015 1:10 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Renset skips all RSN files


Moved it from the NTFS drive to a FAT32 drive and it worked... although it did, and this is with the most recent torrent, give me 28 missing files...

Name                                       CRC32      Size
Acrobat Mission [acrm].rsn                              2C50D850   44813
Ardy Lightfoot [alft].rsn                              A8290255   137877
Asterix & Obelix [ast2].rsn                              A28BC77B   101741
Axelay [axe].rsn                                 76D1E7DA   99392
Bebe's Kids [bbk].rsn                                 BF3C5165   133165
Captain America and the Avengers [capam].rsn                        96E6C24A   102263
Casper (Japanese Version) [cas].rsn                           5B72FF43   69944
Cosmo Gang the Video [cgv].rsn                              D40D75E9   197225
Congo the Movie - The Secret of Zinj [csz].rsn                        B145C7EF   84822
Do-Re-Mi Fantasy - Milon no DokiDoki Daibouken [drmf].rsn                  19930509   270490
Earthworm Jim [ewj].rsn                                 5DAA7763   213512
Earthworm Jim 2 [ewj2].rsn                              F552FC3E   207665
Onita Atsushi FMW [fmw].rsn                              F7DE4962   182807
J-League Soccer Prime Goal [jlpg].rsn                           9C64755A   93853
J-League Soccer Prime Goal 2 [jlpg2].rsn                        87C1EE62   170869
Ken Griffey Jr. Presents - Major League Baseball [kgjb].rsn                  10CE4B5F   72269
Little Magic [lmag].rsn                                 15D8E785   68397
Mega Man X [mmx].rsn                                 FB24E1BE   89403
Monopoly (Japanese Version) [mpjp].rsn                           03E048B0   61537
Nontan to Issyo Kuru Kuru Puzzle [nikk].rsn                        8192EAB4   104019
Operation Logic Bomb [olb].rsn                              6A15E22B   59534
Putty Squad [psq].rsn                                 D9896DFD   96395
Rap Jam [rj].rsn                                 D2F9D652   496280
Sanrio Shanghai [sans].rsn                              AA400A76   55972
Sougou Kakutougi Astral Bout 2 - The Total Fighters [skab2].rsn                  17E17C4E   138274
Super Ninja Kun [snk].rsn                              F4E02E52   72826
Virtual Bart [vbart].rsn                              9BEF28D2   142404
Yoshi's Safari [ysfr].rsn                              39F6EE06   60681

You are missing ( 28 out of 1516) .RSN files

Anyways, there's the fix to my original problem.

Author:  Sensei Le Roof [ Mon Aug 06, 2018 3:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Renset skips all RSN files

I just ran renset today and got the same missing file report... except the files aren't missing. I renamed all 28 of those manually and then discovered three more that went completely ignored (which were easily found via the site's search):

Classic Kong Complete [ckc]
Lodoss Tou Senki [lts]
Phantom 2040 [phant]

I know this is 3 years old, but you still may want to check your collection for these 31 files to see if they're really missing.

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