using soundfonts with SPC or accurate instruments in Midi?
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Author:  Alpha17x [ Mon Dec 15, 2014 6:43 pm ]
Post subject:  using soundfonts with SPC or accurate instruments in Midi?

Hi guys. I'm trying to do something that this community might consider odd. I want to either take the SPC files (for knights of the round; which I have already) and use a soundfont file with them (sf2) To make it sound like music that was played by a live orchestra.

Problem 1: I have no idea if SPC files can even do that. I don't know how the music data is stored or how instruments are sorted if at all.

Problem 2: I had thought of doing this by converting SPC files to MIDI files; however all the available conversion programs seem totally incapable of maintaining instrument accuracy decide during output that everything is the same instrument playing on the same channel. This results in spending mutliple hours fixing the butchered MIDI file that was put out.

Anyone know a way around this or have any ideas? via the MIDI method as long as I have a workable file I can make pretty much anything sound like it was played by a symphony. if I could do that directly with the SPC; even better.

If not then I suppose I'll spend a month or two trying to fix these midis (the notes and timing are fine, the single channel instrumentation and useless 'ripped by program x' tags that get splattered all over the tile are the issue.

Thanks for reading.

Author:  KungFuFurby [ Tue Dec 16, 2014 9:56 am ]
Post subject:  Re: using soundfonts with SPC or accurate instruments in Mid

There are very few SNES games that actually use MIDI files as-is without converting them. The only games that I know of are the following...

- California Games 2 (this one streams MIDI data unlike the others to the SPC700, although not by note... for this reason, you normally can't make a .spc set out of this game: instead, you get bite-sized chunks of music, sometimes only a single note, if you attempt to do so)
- Best of the Best: Championship Karate
- International Tennis Tour
- Tommy Moe's Winter Extreme: Skiing & Snowboarding/Ski Paradise with Snowboard/Val d'Isere Championship

Of course instruments have to be defined using some sort of custom format that I haven't bothered to look at yet for any of these gamse.

I don't trust MIDI at all for this kind of stuff. You get absolutely no sample data when you convert SPC to MIDI. That also means you can kiss the pitch modulation effects good bye, too, if the game uses them. Echo? Doesn't carry over. Noise? Not that one either.

Also, the SPC700 can play drum samples at different pitches. MIDI typically doesn't have that luxury (and even if it does, it usually affects the entire drum kit).

Unless you directly rip the MIDI files off of the four games (three of them can be done through the SPC file, while California Games 2 you have to rip straight out of the SNES ROM), the data stored is almost never real MIDI. MIDI also never defines instruments in the first place except by name: the sound is inconsistent depending on the player. I left MIDI long ago for this exact reason.

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