Has anyone finished listening to all the SPC sets?
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Author:  rtomhet [ Fri Sep 12, 2014 1:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Has anyone finished listening to all the SPC sets?

This is probably a wild question, but has anyone managed to finish listening to all the available SPC sets, or has come really close to?

If anyone here has completed listening to them or gone very far, are there any gems you found that you want to share with everyone?

I am around halfway into the sets.

The latest ones that I've found that were really good were Sword World (great RPG), Go Go Ackman! (fast rock like Mystic Quest or Rudra no Hihou), Dragon Knight 4 (another one with fast rock that sometimes sounds like Brandish 2), Ardy Lightfoot (lighthearted songs, some violins), Cotton 100% (silly, fun, and somewhat cute songs), Super Variable Zero (Fighting game that sounds like techno rock), Farland Story (RPG), and Farland Story 2 (RPG).

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