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PostPosted: Tue Feb 10, 2015 7:39 pm 

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Ugh, this place is dead..
It raised me.. Made me who I am today...


KungFuFurby, you're probably the most likely person to read this, and you already know what's up..
But I'm on a mission to propagate awareness of SNES Tracker's upbringing to garner wealth AKA KickStart the project..


I don't really care if anybody reads this. I live with a non-technical family and they couldn't care less what I'm working on. Sadly, I'm not making any money ATM, but my heart is set on completing this project.

I'm the sole developer and ambition behind SNES Tracker.

This software is being developed on Mac OSX, but is written with cross platform development libraries so that it can eventually be ported across Windows, OS X, Linux.

SNES Tracker is a 2-part piece of software:
SNES Tracker: for creating music
SNES Tracker Debugger [STD]: for transcribing SPC, reverse engineering, debugging, and ripping.

The STD is actually the first piece I have tackled, and is nearing completion. It's really cool, as you can do a lot of neat things with it, like view and edit all memory, including DSP registers, in real time -- mute/solo any voice -- change tempo -- rip samples or instruments -- see a memory snapshot developed in real-time -- and actually play with the instruments and change their ADSR properties real-time. You can do this with any SPC/RSN file.

I haven't yet produced any public release yet :P hehe, but the source code is on GitHub! It's open source!!

It sounds better than any other SPC player!! Why's that? Because I personally worked with Blargg, the creator of the Audio emulator that is in many Super Nintendo emulators, to create a smooth DSP feature, removing all crackles that are present in SNES music!! This is an optional feature and can be disabled to sound exactly like the Super Nintendo!! But, it enhances the listening experience of SPC, especially with headphones. Only an audiophile or producer would notice, but this is music production software after all!!! I use STD now just to listen to Snes SPC music : ) If you are curious, there is detailed post, sans communication with Blargg which took place over email -- at NesDev

You can Interface with a MIDI Keyboard ^_^
Imagine being able to real-time record playing a chord, twisting a knob on your MIDI keyboard that directly affects the amount of Noise on the SNES track!! Quantization!! Now that stuff is really beyond the small goals I have to accomplish first, but that's the dream!!

Cutting edge -- if you're reading this, you're [un]lucky enough to discover this software in "early baby fetus" stage. Yes!! meaning that it's very early in development!! I started December 2014. But if you submit your ideas or other contributions to the SNES Tracker Forums, I might read it and incorporate it into the first release!

But, like I said, I have no job, I'm not making any money at this... it's been a big dream of mine since I was 18 (I'm 25 now) -- and my childhood dream was to understand how SNES worked... So basically, I'm completing this project, with or without my sanity.

However, I will be Kickstarting this project *_* .. Please let me know if you would be willing to donate. I'm trying to get the word out that I'm working on this and build confidence that I can reach a goal of $10,000. If you are any way interested in supporting me, make yourself known to me! Thank you! I keep news at and I will undoubtedly be posting the kickstarter link there when it exists!

Oh gosh, kickstarter rewards?! HM, any ideas?

I'm probably going to make this the About page on the official website haha :)
Don't surprise yourself at the fact that I will be taking this news to every SNES-related place I can find!! And please take it upon yourself to share the burden of spreading the word!!! It's no burden at all ^_^

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